Year: 2017
Medium: Narrative Short Film; 1080p Digital Video
Runtime: 12 min 45 sec

The first narrative short film I wrote/directed after graduating college, “BEDSHEET” is part a continued series of strange science fiction films that play with our pre-conceived notions of horror, tropes, and urban legends. Following the story of Connor as he flees from a recurring nightmare, we meet the dream doctor Celeste in an otherworldly clinic that specializes in "oneirology counseling." Combining a crude mixture of Freudian hypnosis and new age medicine, we dive into the world of Connor's nightmare to directly confront the ghosts inside his head. “BEDSHEET” is a strange mixture of narrative experimentation, genre bending, and campy humor – a hybrid film that I aim to use as a messy springboard for future creative inspiration.

writer + director | Daniel Fethke
producer | Gabriella Corvese
starring | Zachary Segel, Celeste Cahn, Angela Guo
cinematographer | Jackson Eagan
production designer | Tori Lancaster
costumer designer | April Zhang
original score | Retail Space
sound design | Alif Ibrahim