We all have bad dreams. But for Connor? They just keep getting worse.

His research into his ailments leads him to the mysterious Cauchemar Research Institute. Inside, he meets Dr. Celeste the psychiatrist, or...mystic, or...dream counselor, or...wait, who the heck is she? A crackpot, maybe, and an enigma for sure.

Worrisome as it may seem, Connor's at his wit's end - and now, at Dr. Celeste's whim. In BEDSHEET, she uses everything at her disposal to figure out what's going on in Connor's head, even if that means taking one last trip inside.

I wrote, directed, and produced BEDSHEET in 2017. This is the first narrative short film I've made since graduating college, and it represents the first in a continued series of weird science fiction films I hope to create that play with our pre-conceived notions of horror, science fiction, and urban legends. BEDSHEET is currently trying it's luck in the international film festival circuit.

writer + director | Daniel Fethke

producer | Gabriella Corvese

starring | Zachary Segel, Celeste Cahn, Angela Guo

cinematographer | Jackson Eagan

production designer | Tori Lancaster

costumer designer | April Zhang

original score | Retail Space

sound design | Alif Ibrahim