Year: 2018
Medium: Short Documentary; 1080p Digital Video
Size: 9 Min 55 Sec

director | Daniel Fethke
cinematographer | Olivia Booker
additional photography | Brandon Woodruff, Kenny Wu
music + sound design | Brandon Woodruff


Nov. 9, 2019 – Atlanta Docufest

Oct. 5, 2019 – Bushwick Film Festival (World Premiere)
  • 13:45 @ 718 Studios, Brooklyn NY

A short, character-driven documentary following the story of Brooklyn-based artist ann haeyoung.

An artist, a tinkerer, and a parent, ann's work is at the very charged crossroads of corporeal identity, the vulnerability of the body, and how technology is used to question how we perceive ourselves.

Using blood, teeth, and even stomach acid as media for creation, ann'swork opens up a novel space for interrogating the alienation felt by so many people who identify as “mixed.” As a member of that community, my own wish is to have this documentary open a new string of questioning into the very nature of what it means to be “in-between” identities.

Through documenting ann haeyoung and her art-making processes, I hope to tell the very contemporary story of someone who is trying to reconcile the distance between two different cultural spheres. My own identity as someone who is mixed-race has led me to a place where I am constantly negotiating the two different “sides” of my family. It is my hope that documenting artists like ann tbd will reveal something deeper about why we are so interested in demarcating borders within and around our political bodies.

In the end, this documentary will be the first installment in a series that tells the stories of individuals who are all asking the same questions: what does it mean to be “multi-racial” in 2018, and how can we use art to play with stereotypes, break down boundaries, and build communities that transcend conventional understandings of race?