My honors thesis for the Modern Culture & Media Studies department at Brown University was a close reading of drone surveillance (the military kind). Specifically, I was studying the ways that drones see people, and how those people can be profiled, perceived, and reconstructed as other kinds of people. In other words, my overall conclusion focused on how cameras can alter the way we see other people. Xenophobia kicks in, everything is perceived as a target, and cameras influence the way we view reality. In this context, friends can easily be mistaken for enemies, and in using film (specifically a video installation), I explored the ways in which we construct complex narratives out of very simple images.

3-channel video installation; 7:45; Computer-generated audio narration

writer + director | Daniel Fethke

starring | Rebecca Carroll, Stephanie Randall, Jesse Gumbiner

software | cv.jit by Jean-Marc Pelletier

made possible by the Modern Culture & Media Studies Department at Brown University