Year: 2015
Medium: 3-channel Installation; 1080p Digital Video
Size: 7 min 45 sec (loop)

My honors thesis for the Modern Culture & Media Studies department at Brown University was a close reading of military drone surveillance. My research focused on the particularities of how drones perceive people, and how those people can be profiled, targeted, and reconstructed in a military context. Through the formal avenues of a triptych video installation, “Following” explores the ways in which we construct complex narratives from the perspective of intimate, targeted surveillance. A voiceover narration provides the auditory foundation for the piece, providing meditative insights into the anxieties of the followed.

writer + director | Daniel Fethke
thesis advisors | Wendy Hui Kyong Chun; Tony Cokes
performers | Rebecca Carroll, Stephanie Randall, Jesse Gumbiner
software | cv.jit by Jean-Marc Pelletier

Made possible by the Modern Culture & Media Studies Department at Brown University.