Year: 2019
Medium: Short Documentary; 1080p Digital Video
Size: 14 minutes 12 seconds

A documentary I directed that follows artist ann haeyoung as she journeys out to Reno, NV to construct a blood-powered battery. Filmed over the course of a week-long trek, the documentary begins in New York City and ends with a culminating performance atop a wind-swept mountain in the middle of the wintry Nevada desert.

Driven by the desire to document an artist in the midst of their craft, we embarked on this adventure to portray a David & Goliath story within a contemporary context. Our small film crew comes face-to-face with an enormous technology manufacturer as we construct an intimate alternative to how we envision our collective futures.

RENO is currently in the festival circuit, so stay tuned for updates and screenings!

director | Daniel Fethke
| ann tbd
cinematography | Olivia Booker
original score
| Brandon Woodruff