Year: 2018
Medium: Multimedia Sculpture (Wood, Tree Bark, Offerings, AAC Audio loop)
Size: 4' Tall x 18" Wide; 4 min 20 sec audio (loop)

Based off of the Southeast-Asian practice of installing small wooden houses in personal residences and work places, "Spirit House" is a mixed-media installation that places the practice of honoring your local ghosts in the context of an apartment in Queens. Situated within a show about domestic space and psychologies, "Spirit House" asks viewers to re-imagine their relationship with the homes they visit. In particular, how are we constantly acting/acted upon by the embodied histories of our homes, and what is overlooked in our everyday occupation of a space?

An audio recording of the resident ghost’s experiences living in this house accompanies the installation, begging passers-by to listen in to their tales from eons past.

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